Registrations for “Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp are now open.

for “Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp being conducted on,
23rd and 24th Sep, 2017.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to master the Operating System that no industry can live without.

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Linux is no longer just another Operating System. It is an essential foundational component of present day industries like aerospace, finance, telecommunications, software, mobiles, including the ubiquitous internet itself. It has become the tool that drives automation and scalability in almost every industry.

If you use Linux [ or its other Unix variants ] at work then its paramount that you should be not only familiar with various Linux commands, but should also effectively use them to improve your productivity.

A sample set of Linux Commands used in this Bootcamp

sed awk grep find
cut head tail xargs
sort uniq diff function

Bootcamp Objectives


“Effective Linux Commands” is an intensive hands-on two days Bootcamp that is designed specifically to

  • Assist you in effectively utilising Linux Commands to get things done on Linux
  • Empower you with the knowledge of more than 30 most often used Linux commands
  • Help you experience the ability to use these commands in real world scenarios.

Bootcamp Overview

The main topics covered in “Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp include

  • Meaningful ways of using Linux File related Commands
  • Exciting Bash tricks to shoot up your productivity
  • The power of combining Linux commands
  • User management commands
  • Powerful Text Processing Linux Commands for everyday works
  • Useful one-liners for find, grep, sed and awk !!!

Bootcamp Theme

The main focus of “Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp will be to

  • Bring you up-to date with more than 30 useful Linux commands.
  • Highlight the practical scenarios where these useful Linux Commands become effective on Linux.
  • Apply this knowledge of Linux Commands in solving real world scenarios.

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