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for “Executive Python” Bootcamp
being conducted on 4 & 5 Feb, 2017

Python is one of the most sought after programming language in the Software Industry these days. Day by day, more and more software companies are using Python programming language to either develop their software products or automate their test cases.

Python is one of the simplest languages to learn, even for people who have no previous programming experience too. Python also has one of the easiest syntaxes to get acquainted with quickly. This course is your golden chance to learn or develop your programming skills and get well versed with this fantastic and powerful programming language of our times.

Who is this Bootcamp for ?

At times, Software Engineers doing a lot of Manual Testing or doing manual System Administration tasks, and similar manual tasks are in need of Python Programming skills. And they need it, right now !!! They do not have enough time to build their programming skills, but need information that will get them started with Python right now. They want to learn as much Python as is necessary for them to work, in the least possible time.

If this describes you, then “Executive Python Bootcamp” is specially designed for you to get started with Python from day 1. This Bootcamp is specially designed for people those who have never done any meaningful programming in the most recent 10 months. You will learn all the necessary Python language features in a span of two days and be able to read and understand Python code, apply Python language skills to solve your daily automation needs.

Bootcamp Overview

Day 1

  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Looping Constructs
  • Lists & Tuples
  • Dictionaries

Day 2

  • Modules
  • File Handling
  • Exceptions
  • Classes
  • Inheritance

Bootcamp Theme

The main focus of “Executive Python” Bootcamp is to help you to

  • Understand Python code
  • Solve problems using Python
  • Improve your confidence in writing Python code
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