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 for “Mastering Vi Editor” Bootcamp
being conducted this Tuesday, 15 August, 2017

Unravel the secret ingredient to Reclaim one month of your life, every year !!!

Not sure, why use Vi editor in 2017 ? Then read this article :

It explains the superiority of Vi editor in terms of
– least memory consumption
– fastest time to load
– support for easily reading very large size files

Registration Fee 1,000/- only
Pay after the course, only if you like it. No questions asked !!!
Limited to 10 Seats only !!!
For Registrations :
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These are some of the review comments that I received from participants of the previously conducted “Mastering Vi Editor” Bootcamp

“Got surprised with the uses of VIM editor”

“This session helped me to understand VIM editor in Both Windows and Linux”

“…definitely a very helpful bootcamp for who use VIM editor daily”

“Time well spent, great training approach and it is amazing that I learnt so much about vim in the boot camp.”

“Everything you need to know about Vi is there in bootcamp”


These are some of the understandings / comments the participants had prior to attending “Mastering Vi Editor” Bootcamp

1> “I was using only 4 keys : Esc, i, w and ! while working with Vi.”

2> “I wonder what is there in Vi to learn, that we have to spend an entire day for it !!!”

And these same participants made the below comments after completing the “Mastering Vi Editor” Bootcamp

1> “Earlier I was using ( abusing ) Vi with only 4 keys. Now, I know that I was using Vi editor like notepad”

2> “After spending the entire day learning about Vi editor, I feel hungry for more”

 See it to believe it

For many of us, we believe only after we see.

This bootcamp is specifically designed to make you witness at first hand,
the limitless power of Vi editor
Every session will be dedicated to accomplishing various tasks using Vi editor
Each participant will practically witness the power of Vi through their own hands.

No doubt, getting comfortable with using Vi [ or Vim ] editor is the most difficult hurdle for someone who is new to Linux.

But, the irony is that, although at first Vi looks very scary and unfriendly,
in no less than a couple of hours of understanding it,
you will find that Vi a piece of cake to not only learn, but also to master.

This bootcamp is a complete hands-on program
to take you through this journey of transforming you
from the one who fears Vi to the one who loves Vi.

You will not only become comfortable with Vi editor,
but will also learn techniques to master Vi editor.

For Registrations :

Who is this Bootcamp for ?

This bootcamp is specifically designed for you, if you

➢ fear using Vi editor
➢ feel that notepad is much easier to use than Vi editor
➢ spend lot of time moving the cursor in Vi editor
➢ use backspace key to edit words using Vi editor
➢ are new to the Unix/Linux world
➢ developing Unix/Linux software
➢ write automation test scripts
➢ administer Unix/Linux server system
➢ do research on a Unix/Linux environment
➢ are a student doing a Unix/Linux project

Your take aways

✓ Become comfortable with Vi editor commands
✓ Identify the various modes of Vi editor
✓ Learn the techniques to master Vi editor
✓ Fall in love with Vi editor

What will you learn ?

Accomplish tasks similar to the ones listed below with some simple set of keystrokes in Vi editor :

➢ jump the cursor to the end of the matching closing bracket in a piece of software code
➢ restore the file to the original state when it was first opened for editing
➢ move exactly one screen of lines down the file and still keep the cursor on the centre line
➢ delete exactly 3 words on the right side of the cursor
➢ move between a series of files without ever closing the editor
➢ repeat a line 20 times
➢ modify only the next two words to some new text
➢ add exactly 2 new lines after every Chapter title in a book
➢ view the contents of a file that is “#include”d in a C program
➢ repeat the changes done in one file, in another set of 5 files
➢ selectively replace only few instances of a phrase that repeats multiple times in a file
➢ do a combination of the above commands with a single key stroke !!!

For Registrations :

Course Overview


Session 1 :

1. Introduction to Vi
2. Vi Modes
3. Controlling the cursor
4. Most common Vi commands
5. Configuring Vi

Session 2 :

1. Editing Multiple files
2. Search and Replace
3. Inserting Text
4. Advanced Vi commands
5. Open House

What you need to bring to this Bootcamp ?

✓ Your favourite laptop and its charger
✓ Vi editor installed on your operating system
✓ Eagerness to learn
✓ Determination to conquer your fear by facing it

For Registrations :

Venue Details

The bootcamp will be conducted at :

🌐 Ayra Learning Solutions,
# 1, D. Muniswamy Reddy Complex,
15th Cross, Kaggadasapura, Bangalore

Landmark : Opposite to Sri Saraswati Vidya Mandir

🏁 Location on Google Maps :

🍴 Food and refreshments will be provided free of cost

📧 For any further queries you can reach us at :

⏳ Registration will strictly be on first-cum-first-serve basis
Please enrol before coming to the class