We conduct a host of popular courses that help you get upgraded to the latest software technologies.

Python Courses

Just Enough Python Course Choose this if you want to learn enough things about Python that will help you understand Python scripts you see at your work place.
Basic Python Course Gives a firm foundation with more than 60 real world exercises, that boosts your confidence to write professional Python scripts
Python for Test Engineers Perfect for anyone wanting to move confidently into Test Automation with Python by solving more than 70 real world exercises
Python for Software Developers A course for aspiring and working software developers eager to solve real world problems. Challenge yourself to solve more than 70 real world exercises
Python Complete Fundamentals Ideal for freshers who have the option to choose their career path of moving to Testing or Development. You get to solve a set of more than 80 challenging, real world exercisesShell Scripting Courses

Shell Scripting Courses

  1. Basic Shell Scripting Course
  2. Advanced Shell Scripting Course
  3. Customised Shell Scripting Course

Perl Courses

  1. Basic Perl
  2. Advanced Perl
  3. Customised Perl Course

C Programming Courses

  1. C Programming Fundamentals

C++ Programming Courses

  1. Object Oriented Programming with C++

Linux Courses

  1. Linux Launchpad
  2. Linux System Administration