After you have made Shell Scripting become second nature to you, when working as a Linux Developer or System Administrator, you will hit roadblocks that will make your Shell Scripting to do more. This Advanced Shell Scripting course has been specifically tailored to suite your needs to add more horsepower to your Shell Scripts and your skills as well.

This course will take you through the magnificent world of power tools and utilities of Linux that will raise the bar of your efficiency. You will not only learn to write many more Shell scripts using the new and more powerful Linux utilities that you will learn in this course, but will also learn to reuse Shell scripts you wrote in your earlier Basic Shell scripting course. This exercise will make you experience the euphoria of combining powerful Linux utilities to do massive tasks in just a one line command !!! You get to write 25+ Shell Scripts that will give you the confidence to implement new and powerful Shell scripts at your work.

At the end of this course, you will become confident in converting simple Shell scripts to one liner commands and at the same time, create lengthy yet robust and professional Shell scripts to solve complex scenarios.

Below are the main modules that are covered as part of the Advanced Shell Scripting Automation course.


Course Contents