If you are using a Linux Laptop or desktop for software development or your daily work or administering a Linux machine, or are a building software on Linux as a SCM Engineer, or automating your test environment on Linux, then it is imperative that Shell Scripting should become second nature to you.

Shell scripting enables you to boost your productivity by automating your routine tasks that you happen to repeat at regular intervals. In this course, we concentrate on making you aware of scenarios where you can use Shell Scripting to ease your work. As with all other of my courses, you will learn Shell Scripting by writing Shell Scripts. You get to write 30+ Shell Scripts that will give you the confidence to implement new ones at the drop of a hat.

At the end of this course, you will no longer find it burdensome to use the command line on Linux. Infact you will fall in love with the command line and will be always looking for ways to improve your work by writing Shell Scripts.

As a bonus I also provide valuable Bash and Vim Tricks that will help you improve your interaction with Linux command line. These Tips and Tricks will be provided all throughout the duration of the course at no additional cost. Not being able to use Bash and Vim as a power user, is similar to pushing your Ferrari to work, instead of zooming in it. Learn these Bash and Vim Tricks to unleash their full power that will make you efficient and smart at your work.

Below are the main modules that are covered as part of the Basic Shell Scripting course

Course Contents