The primary task of a Software Developer is to identify problems and create programming solutions for them. Software Developers use programming languages as a tool for solving these real world problems.

Python Programming language has become the defacto programming language for creating simple solutions to solve real world problems. One of the main reasons of this affinity towards Python programming language in the software world is that Python is one of the simplest languages to learn. Python has one of the easiest syntaxes to get acquainted with quickly. Python is a very powerful language and there are many user friendly compact features that help you to write efficient code in very few lines of code.

To be a good Python software developer one must master the nuances of the Python programming language that will enable them to apply the most efficient mechanism available to solve a given problems. But its just not enough to learn the syntax of a programming language. What is more important, is to learn to apply these learnings in solving real world problems.

This course has been specifically designed to use this same principle of applying our learnings to solve real world problems. This course is your golden chance to get well versed with one of the most sought after programming languages in the software world.

The biggest highlight of this course is that

  • You get to solve more than 70 exercises.
  • All these exercises are real world problems that will help you apply what you have learnt.
  • These exercises have been specially arranged in increasing order of complexity to keep you challenged at every step.

Course Contents