i had never seen such a kind of support from any institute or any trainer. Trainer gave such a wonderful knowledge. The classes were very interesting and not hard. The atmosphere was very friendly. I learnt many things like functions, oops etc

— 5 years Manual Testing Engineer at Hewlett Packard.

Python training helped me to strengthen myself in programming.Your way of teaching,interaction with me,slides,exercises everything was very good. When i was discontinuing the class because of personal issue,you helped me by giving online training.When i was unable to do the exercises,more than me you took interest and suggested me to complete it.Thank you very much sir.

— 1 year experience as PHP developer

After seeing the results at the end of the Python course I can now see that I have worked and learned by one of the best. And can also say that this time, I have bet perfectly for learning Python, as it was the best decision that I made. After all to turn a slow and sluggish learner to an intermediate programmer in a months time wasn’t an easy feat.

— B.Tech Fresher

Python Course

Easy Interaction with Python.
This training helped me to know my capabilities as a programmer.
I got a great insight of my coding skills.

— B.Tech Fresher

getting to know the different methods or function available to improvise the programming and making programming much more easier.
getting confident of the programming skills of python

— 10+ years of experience as Manual Testing Engineer, IBM

now i am confident enough for job search

— 5 years Manual Testing Engineer at Hewlett Packard.

(Happy to announce that she got placed in one of the top 4 Storage MNCs)

It is very easy to understand and very direct.
The learning method is completly related to industrial application bases.

— Final year B.E Student

Python training helped me to learn how easily i can solve some problems,how i can write some piece of code in a short and better way compared to other languages.
Python course added an additional knowledge in me.It will help me to get a better job if i strengthen myself in it.

— 1 year experience as PHP developer

Shell Scripting Course

Shell scripts look familiar and easier to debug after the course
Benefitted with good debugging skills and writing shell scripts

—¬†11 years experience as Build Engineer at Dell