1. 9 & 10 Sep, 2017 : Programming Essentials Bootcamp
  2. 23 & 24 Sep, 2017 : “Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp

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9 & 10 Sep, 2017 : Programming Essentials Bootcamp

          A two days Bootcamp that exercises your brain cells to improve your skills on logical thinking, that are critical to solve real world problems.

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Programming Essentials Bootcamp is specially designed to :

  • Understand Logic
  • Boost your confidence of writing effective code
  • Empower you with the knowledge of arriving at logical solutions to problems
  • Convert logical solutions to actual working code
  • Master the Art of Programming
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23 & 24 Sep, 2017 : Effective Linux Commands

           An intensive hands-on two days Bootcamp that is designed specifically to assist you in effectively utilising Linux Commands to get things done on Linux.

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“Effective Linux Commands” Bootcamp will mainly focus on :

  • Bring you up-to date with more than 30 useful Linux commands.
  • Highlight the practical scenarios where these Linux Commands become effective on Linux.
  • Apply this knowledge of Linux Commands in solving real world scenarios.
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Discounts available for students and bulk bookings.
All Bootcamps are limited to 6 seats only.
Please book your slot before others reserve them.

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