Ayra Coding Contest is a means for me to share some simple questions as teasers for you to think and expand your learnings. This is not limited to any programming language.

Your main learning will only start after you submit the code !!!

The purpose of this contest is not only to produce code, but also to have the design for the solution. A pseudo code would also do, instead of the design.


Name Contest Link Last Date
Currency Convertor Ayra Coding Contest 02 20-Feb-2017
Million Dollar Question Ayra Coding Contest 03 22-Feb-2017


1> You will have 5 days time to submit your solutions.
2> You can use any language to solve this problem. But, submit it using a gist link. [ https://gist.github.com ] 3> Challenge yourself to write pseudo code and convert it to working code as well.
4> Each submission that I receive before the deadline, will get a rating from 1 to 10,
with 10 being the best [ or the one I liked the most :p ].
5> All submissions that I receive after the deadline will get a rating from 1 to 5,
with 5 being the best [ or the one i liked the most :p ] 6> Each submission will get my review comments that will help you to think out of the box