Since late 1990’s, Perl has been the number one choice for Programming Language, when it comes to text manipulations. It has the combined power of C Programming Language, Unix Shell Scripting, sed and awk, all rolled into one !!!

On many legacy systems, Perl is the preferred language for

  • Automating System Administration tasks
  • Database Management
  • CGI scripting for the web
  • Report Generation
  • Test Case Automation tools
  • and many more …

With the improved support for modern Programming paradigms like OOP, Perl has become ubiquitous in all important sectors of Software Industry. Perl has been the most sought after  Programming Language for writing backend web-server scripts. It is heavily used in the Human Genome Project and various other projects in the healthcare sector as well.

The key to learning Perl scripting, is the ability to analyse data and dissect it for text manipulations. At Ayra, we believe that “Application is the key to Learning“. Going by this Motto of ours, we have designed “Perl Basic Course” to empower you to solve real world problems using Perl Programming Language.

You will be presented with more than 40 real world exercises that will help build your confidence to apply your learnings to code. “Perl Basic Course” is your golden chance to get well versed with one of the most preferred text manipulation Programming Language of the world today.


Course Contents