Registrations for “Programming Essentials” Bootcamp for are now open.
for “Programming Essentials” Bootcamp
being conducted on  13 & 14 Jan, 2018

When you see a problem statement, do you usually think

“Where do I start from ?” or “How do I begin to tackle this problem ?”.

Then don’t worry. Help is near. “Programming Essentials” Bootcamp will empower you with the required procedures and skills to overcome this barrier and help you channelise your thoughts on finding solutions to problems.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to kickstart your journey to the world of Programming and Automation

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Bootcamp Testimonials

Testimonials from participants who attended the previous “Programming Essentials” Bootcamp

too good. got knowledge on wring (writing) scripts

For beginners its very useful to develop my skills. Learning new technology for my career

This is very useful for new learners, and trainer is very good interacting with students and explains with examples also.
So finally its very very useful (for) our career.

This is a good path which helps in developing development skills into (in someone who is) a non developer.

Who is this Bootcamp for ?

  • ➢  Beginners with no Programming Knowledge
  • ➢  Wannabe programmers who are eager to embark on to the world of programming.
    • ➢  but find it difficult to think in terms of logic
    • ➢  or find it difficult to convert logic to code.
  • ➢  Test Engineers, moving from Manual Testing to Automation
  • ➢  System Administrators wanting to start writing code
  • ➢  College freshers eager to improve their logical thinking capabilities
  • ➢  YOU

Bootcamp Objectives

“Programming Essentials” is an intensive hands-on two days Bootcamp designed specifically to

  • Boost your confidence of writing effective code
  • Empower you with the knowledge of arriving at logical solutions to problems
  • Convert logical solutions to actual working code

Bootcamp Overview

Day 1

  • Understanding Logic
  • Making sense of Problem Statements
  • Applying Logic
  • Moving from logic to code
  • Making sense of Functions

Day 2

  • Utilising Conditional Checks
  • Evaluating your Logic
  • Mastering Looping Constructs
  • Importance of Data Structures
  • Open House

Bootcamp Theme

The main focus of “Programming Essentials” Bootcamp is to help you to

  • Understand logic
  • Master the Art of Programming
  • Improve your confidence in thinking in terms of logic


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Day 01 Slides Day 02 Slides