We strongly believe that


“to learn something, one needs to apply it in practice.”


This applies universally to learning about
a new Design Pattern, or
a new Programming Paradigm or
a new Programming Language or
anything new in life; for that matter.

All along my 15 years of Software experience, my faith in this belief was reinforced every time I gave some work to my new team members. Everyone of them knew the syntax of the Programming Language perfectly to the tee. But, the moment they hear the question to be solved, they stared at me like a rabbit getting stunned by a flash light.


Understanding the problem. Breaking it down into smaller pieces. Writing pseudo code to find the solution. Converting this pseudo code to actual code. Testing and debugging it. All this comes only by practise. This takes time and only meaningful hard work in the right direction will help you build that confidence to solve any problem. And there are no shortcuts to this hard work.


Based on this philosophy, we at Ayra Learning Solutions have designed all our courses to have a series of exercises that build over themselves in complexity. As you keep moving up in this journey of solving these real world problems you will discover incredible gems that can never be articulated but only experienced.


If you are willing to learn new things
by experiencing your confidence being boosted
and not just collect information about those new things,
then get ready to
challenge yourself
and dive into these courses.