Vi Editor is a powerful tool that can immensely improve your productivity

You are bound to use Vi Editor for your daily editing activities, when you use Linux/Unix for your work, be it for
  • Software Development, or
  • Software Testing, or
  • System Administration or even
  • Support activities

Most new comers of Linux/Unix, find Vi Editor to be very difficult to use. And this fear blocks them out from all the power and fun that comes along with Vi Editor.

  • an extremely useful,
  • completely hands-on
  • 2 hours, free seminar
being conducted by 
this Saturday, 26-Jan-2017 
from 9.30am to 11.30am


  • for professionals working on Linux and other UNIX flavours
  • who use Vi editor on a daily basis,
  • but struggle to get any work done with it.

The main focus of “Succeeding with Vi Editor” will be to

  • Give you the right perspective to succeed with Vi editor
  • Make you comfortable with Vi editor commands
  • Identify the various modes of Vi editor
  • Learn the basic techniques to work with Vi editor
  • Fall in love with Vi editor


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